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Packaged Religious Christmas Wafers"OPLATKI". Size (4"x7")

 6 pcs(3 white + 1 pink + 1 yellow + 1 green.

or6 pcs only white .Free Christmas Card deluxe

Packaged Christmas Wafers/Oplatki. Size (2.5"x4") 2 white wafers $1.00
Packaged "OPLATKI" 4"x7". 3 white+1 pink. Qty 100@1.50 $150.00
Packaged "OPLATKI" 4"x7". 3 white.  Qty 100@1.25 $125.00
Large size (4 x 7") "OPLATKI". BULK 120 pcs (not packaged) $14.00
Polish Christmas Carols."Mazowsze i Slask. CD # 010 $19.90
Polish Christmas Carols.Silent Night. Cicha Noc.CD # 326 $19.90
Christmas Ornaments-Cards. Set of 10  - view $12.50
Papier Folded Christmas Nativity crib    Size: 12" x 8" x  3" $4.50
Christmas Cards Polish greetings set of 10 cards $8.50
Set of Christmas Eve' Table Decoration $3.00


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POL-AM Church Supplies

PO Box 2743

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