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Price Quantity
Packaged Religious Christmas Wafers .OPLATKI (4" x 7")6 pcs (3 white+1 pink+1 yellow+1 green). Pamphlet"How to celebrate the Family Christmas Eve".Free Christmas Card. $3.50  
Packaged Religious Christmas Wafers"OPLATKI"(4" x 7")6 pcs only white. Pamphlet. Free Christmas Card. $3.50  
Packaged Christmas Wafers. Small size (2.5" x 4") 2 pcs white or (1 white+1 pink ).Free Christmas Deluxe Card. $1.00  
Packaged "OPLATKI "(4" x 7") 4 pcs 3 white+1 pink) Qty 100@$1.50.Hygienically sealed in poly bags+ Full color pamphlet. $150.00  
Packaged "OPLATKI" (4" x 7") 3 pcs white.Qty 100@$1.25. Hygienically sealed in poly bags+Full color pamphlet. $125.00  
Bulk "OPLATKI" (4" x 7") 120 pcs only white $14.00  
Packaged "OPLATKI" (2.5" x 4") 2 pcs white.Hygienically sealed in poly bags.Qty 100@$0.50 $50.00  
Polish Christmas Carols "Mazowsze i Slask" CD #010 $19.90  
Polish Christmas Carols "Silent Night. Cicha Noc".CD#326 $19.90  
Papier Nativity Crib. Size 12" x 10" x 3" $4.50  
Christmas Papier Ornaments- Cards. Set of 10 cards $12.50